Donker Mag

Four years back, South African rap duet Watkin Tudor Jones and Anri Du Toit (a.k.a. Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er) announced their strategy to record five albums before transforming into a new performance. Their third LP, though, finds them plying similar earth to their first two: Itis a punishing group of disjointed beats, crass profanities (“raging zef boner”) and overstuffed man-made parts. There is a cold whiff of deja vu to their rap-rave dubstep smackdowns, from the quickfire Xhosa chants on “Girl I Need to Eat You” to brief monologue-style interludes like the distasteful “Pompie” as well as the delusional “Zars.” Without new tricks, Die Antwoord danger coming across as no more than a panoply of voices that are gimmicky